Global procurement organisation

Delivering cost-effective materials to global customers; ensuring the security of supply and meeting the industry’s challenges. 

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About us

Welcome to Preston International

Preston is a global procurement organisation of commercial and professional talents, responsible for ensuring the security of supply and delivering cost-and-quality effective construction materials to our worldwide customers to fulfil the growing material demands and meet complex challenges in the construction industry.

Our core values

Preston’s portfolio includes engineering, procurement and construction (EPC), logistics, camp construction, drilling equipment, oils and chemicals, security solutions and aviation components. Oil and gas, mining, government and defense, NGOs and humanitarian organizations are some of the major systems that we have served with distinction.

Integrity Excellence Collaboration Efficiency Leadership Cost-Effectiveness
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We are strategically established in Dubai, from where we locate products worldwide at optimal prices and ship them to our customers seamlessly.

We are today extensively involved in operations even in the remotest parts of Africa

  • We are committed to professional conduct with all our stakeholders, including our employees, clients and partners.

  • We believe in creating environments where informed decisions, effective strategies, and innovative thinking flow naturally from regular business interactions between our stakeholders.

  • We ensure that suppliers meet stringent requirements as to reliability, delivery guarantees and transaction security. At the same time, we are proud of solid and time-proven relations with our long-term partners.

Areas of expertise

Preston International Engineering procurement and construction

Engineering, procurement & construction

Preston International Pipes fittings and instrumentations

Pipes, fittings & instrumentations

Preston International Drilling tolls and services

Drilling tools & services

Preston International Maintenance repair and operations

Maintenance, repair & operations

Preston International Logistics and transport

Logistics & transport

Preston International Aircraft parts and components

Aircraft parts & components

Preston International Oils and chemicals

Oils & chemicals

Preston International Security solutions

Security solutions